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Charlie Bears


Bears with personalities.....There's always room for one more bear. 


Price $49.95

Price $49.95

All these Charlie Bears can be seen at our shop, 114 S. Main St. in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  If there is an * after the name    they are currently sold out, but have been reordered.  Call the shop at 859.734.4403 for status.

We do have lay-a-way available for any item over $100.  Call our shop for details.......

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Charlie Bears 2017 or earlier.

Price $315.00
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Lazarus is a 30" fully jointed lynx from the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection designed by Isabelle Lee.  Lazarus has been created after the popularity of Loki from our 2016 collection. Like Loki this magnificent Lynx has been made from the finest plush materials and has had the upmost attention to detail from his black tipped ears to his cat like nose. He is fully jointed with flat paw pads so he can stand or sit when displaying him and a material neck tie has been added as his accessory. Lazarus will arrive with a limited edition certificate.  Limited Edition of 1000.

Loki - Now Retired
Price $112.00
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Loki is an 18.5" plush lynx made of two different animal prints, one white with black and gold markings, the other a golden brown with black markings.  He has a light brown hand-embroidered nose, a lightly shaved muzzle, white at the bottom, air-brushed on the top, whiskers, fur shading round his eyes and black tipped ears.  He has brown suede sculpted paw pads.  Loki is wearing a burgundy fabric necklace with a heart-shaped accent.  He is 5-way jointed.  Still available at Beehive Gifts
Lazarus is definitely a University of Kentucky FAN!


Loki is definitely a University of Kentucky FAN!


Tegan* Sold Out
Price $77.00
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Tegan Charlie Bear is 14" gold, brown, and cream panda crafted from silky soft mid-pile plush, and features sculpted paw pads and hand-embroidered nose, mouth and toe detailing. Complete with a lovely pendant and designed by world-renowned Isabelle Lee, Tegan is a truly precious bear that should be treated to lots of love and cuddles.
Price $77.00
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Tatum the Charlie Bear is 14" grey, brown and beige Panda crafted from silky soft mid-pile plush, and features sculpted paw pads and hand-embroidered nose, mouth and toe detailing. Complete with a lovely pendant and designed by world-renowned Isabelle Lee, Tatum is a truly precious bear that should be treated to lots of love and cuddles.
Price $51.00
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Andy is a 9" bear made of a super soft dense cloud white plush.  Although small, he has a huge personality.  He has a hand-trimmed face with a grey hand-embroidered nose, air-brushed muzzle and small black eyes.  He has grey, stitched tactile soft paw pads.  He is 5-way jointed.  Andy wears two neck bows, one a creamy white satin, the other a pale grey organza.

Price $54.00
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Bluebell is 12" with a five-way jointed body sewn from a long-pile of beautiful gray plush with lighter gray tipping. She has a curious expression with a little pink hand-embroidered nose, sculpted muzzle, subtle airbrushing and sparkling glass eyes. Her ears are lined with the same pink ultra suede used for her paws.  Like many of her Charlie Bear friends before her, Bluebell wears a pretty pink bow.

Price $62.00
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Paignton is a 17" Plush Bearhouse Bear.  You don't know why, but suddenly this Charlie Bears soulful eyes speak to you and you will hardly resist taking him home for hugs.  Paignton is a soft plush red panda in brown, white and tan colors with oversized tail and a gold bow.  He has sculpted paw pads and slightly bend legs.  For collectors young and old, this plush cutie is great to cuddle or display.
Price $92.00
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Linus is a 17.5" Lion from Charlie Bears.  He's the king of the beasts!  Linus is certainly an impressive chap, but he's also friendly and cuddly.  His sandy plush fur is very realistic, and he has sculpted paw pads with stitched claws.  Most striking is his wonderful feline face.  He has a hand-stitched nose, long whiskers and beautiful big eyes, enhanced with a little white felt and careful shading.  He is wearing a key pendant.
Lyra * Sold Out
Price $77.00
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Charlie Bears lions have always been popular and Lyra Lioness will certainly be no exception! She is 17" has a beautiful, sandy yellow coat of medium pile plush fur, with a slightly darker muzzle leading to her big, hand-stitched pussy cat nose. Lyra is beautifully detailed, with sculpted paw pads, expressive, feline eyes and fluffy ears! She wears a pale taupe organza ribbon, and a heart pendant on a copper-colored cord.

Price $66.00
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Savannah is a fully jointed lion cub - cute as a button.  She is 12" tall. She has a cuddly coat of golden yellow plush fur, with a little white and her face.  She has soft ultra suede paw pads with stitched claws and a long tail.  Her hand-stitched feline nose has a little shading, and she also has a little eyeliner on her pussy cat eyes.  Around her neck she wears a necklace with trinkets on it. This cute little Lion Cub is not going to be around for long. 

Price $57.00
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Snowdrop is 8.5" long and 7.5" tall.  She is fully jointed and made from a medium length white plush material, her tail is wired to allow various positions.  All paw pads are pink with pink claw stitching, her eyes are blue and Snowdrop has a hand stitched pink nose and mouth. A pink organza ribbon around her neck complete the appearance of this lovely cat.

Price $57.00
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Sparkles is 9" long and 7" tall.  She is fully jointed with a wired tail and made from a long white plush material.  She has blue eyes and a pink stitched nose and mouth.  Paw pads are pale pink with corresponding claw stitching.  Sparkle has a dark blue organza ribbon around her neck .

Price $75.00
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Twig is a gorgeous new character has been made using vibrant colored cuddle soft plush materials.  He is 14.5" tall.  Twig is loosely jointed so it adds to his playfulness which is perfect when displaying him in your hug.  He has small ape feet, a tiny hand stitched nose and mouth and shocks of a longer plied plush to add to his character.  A simple ribbon has been added as his accessory.  His best friend is Narna's.

Price $74.00
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Narna's is a gorgeous little character has been made using a super soft and very tactile deep brown plush and soft suedette to create a amazingly huggable piece. He is 14.5" tall.  He has a playful feel about him as we have given him a loose jointing.  He has oodles of additional facial sculpturing and small deep set eyes, monkey style feet and a strong chunky tail.  His accessory has been kept simple with a simple sheer ribbon.  

Price $57.00
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Stella Kitty Cat is an adorable plush Halloween cat that is 9" long and 7" tail.  She is made fully jointed with a wired tail and made from long black plush material.  She has yellow eyes and a pink stitched nose and month.  Paw pads are black with claw stitching.  Stella has a light yellow organza ribbing around her neck.  This jet black kitten is part of the 2017 Halloween Enchanted collection.

Price $131.00
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Catnip, if she is honest, is the house cat in the group, she loves staying in the house and is extremely good at grooming herself.  Her brilliant white coat gleams and she is always looking her best, she does usually exercise just (after her fish supper) but not for too long as she doesn't want to mess up her gorgeous coat, she has bright blue eyes, a tiny pink nose and a lovely tail.  Limited to only 1200 worldwide.  She is 8" tall. 

Price $80.00
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Daphne is inspired from the 2009 Isabelle mohair collection like Flash and Snowball.  She is fully jointed with flat paw pads so they can easily be displayed when standing.  She has a thick bushy long tail, small perky ears, glossy eyes and tiny hand stitched pale pink nose. Daphne has been created in a blend of soft browns, black and whites and has a pale pink sheer ribbon as her accessory.  She is 11.5" tall. 

Price $64.00
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Georgina is a tiny panda bear that is fully jointed but also has flat paw pads so she can stand unaided.  She has two super soft plush materials in soft tonal browns and winter creams, her small teardrop markings enhance her beautiful eyes and she has a small hand embroidered nose.  "Cute as a button" is  how you would describe Georgina.  She is 11" tall.


Price $93.00
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Anne has the appearance of a mohair bear but she is made of a gorgeous plush fabric to create this very traditional looking teddy.  She has a timeless elegance about her and like with fine wines you know she will most certainly get even better looking with age.  She is fully jointed and has a slight curve to her upper arms which has been added so she can give you a perfect cuddle.  Her paws are sculptured and her facial features are all hand stitched.  She is 18" tall.

Price $64.00
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Cecil is loosely jointed so he can be easily posed.  His coat has been created using soft and subtle pale browns with soothing great undertones.  This fabric that has been used has a slight twist which gives him his preloved appearance, along with additional stitched detail that helps with his aged look.  He also has a small squeak placed inside his tummy so he can tell you how much he enjoys his cuddles.  He is 12.5" tall. 

Price $104.00
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Curly is created using a new fur fabric.  He has, due to the fabric that was used, a tussled appearance as the fur has curls and twists within that feel and look very playful.  His soft face has been hand trimmed and he has been had trimmed and he has a hand embroidered nose with additional airbrushing.  He is loosely jointed so he is very easy to display, and has large sculptured paw pads.  His inner ears have a separate piece of fabric which nestles snuggly within his curly coat and a fabric new tie as an accessory.  He is 18" tall.

Price $112.00
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Ozzie is a gorgeous chunky panda.  He has been created using cuddle soft plush materials in tonal shades of creams, greys and greens.  He is fully jointed and has soft brown sculptured paw pads.  He has been softly filled and weighted to give him his rotund appearance.  His teardrop marking enhance his beautiful eyes ad hand trimmed face and grey embroidery thread have been used to create a big bear nose and lashing of sheer ribbon tonal ribbon for his accessory.  Ozzie is 21.5" tall.

Price $72.00
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Mabel is a gorgeous 15.5" cream plush teddy bear with an inquiring expression!  She has snuggly coat of pale plush fur, with a little creamy warmth at the base, which can be seen on her inner ears.  she has a rather serious mouth and the most expressive eyes with felt backing and a little extra shading.  She is fully-jointed, has a wobble-jointed neck, and tan suede-like paws.  She wears a cord with a bell around her neck.  She can sit or stand.

Price $109.00
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Trudy is a beautiful 19" bear.  She is very proud of herself, with her big organza bow and unusual fur, which is very long and straight on her tummy and face, which frames her expressive eyes.  Her muzzle as been shaved to show some freckles, which are the result of her taupe fur having some beige and ginger tipping.  Her arms and legs are made of really soft and dense taupe fur that has some darker stripe markings.

Price $75.00
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Duchess from Charlie Bears has larger than life ears and an expressive eyes, it's a Chihuahua style puppy.  Duchess is 11" tall with a golden organza ribbon added as her accessory around her neck, so she looks her very best when she goes out for her walks.  She is a stunning puppy dog made from a gorgeous plush and is 5 way jointed for perfect hugs.

Price $64.00
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Jago Charlie Bear is an adorable panda bear that is 11" tall and made from a black and white soft silky plush.  He is fully jointed with a wobble-jointed neck and wears a cord with a flower bead as his necklace.  Jago has sculptured paw pads, and flat paws so he can either sit or stand.  He has small eye white which create the Charlie Bears signature of "who me?"


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